Tractor and Implements

SHAKTHIMAN offers a complete range of mechanization solutions from land preparation to post-harvest, which addresses every farmer's requirement to deliver the best at every stage of farm operation. These implements have been designed to perform best with SONALIKA range of technologically advanced tractors which ranges from 30 to 90HP. When used with SONALIKA, these implements deliver more, faster and better quality of work.

Tractor Solis India

Tractor mini GT 20 Solis India

Tractor Solis 60 Solis India

Tractor WT-75 Solis India

Tractor WT-90 Solis India

Tractor Solis 90 Solis India

Tractor Solis 75 Solis India

Tractor mini marvel Solis India

Self Propelled platform Shakthiman India

Hay rake Shakthiman India

Mobile Fodder harvester Shakthiman India

Mulcher Shakthiman Agro India

Compost Spreader Shakthiman India

Square baler Shakthiman India

Protektor 600 Boom sprayer Shakthiman India

Fertilizer Broad caster Shakthiman India

Rotary tiller Shakthiman India

Post hole digger Shakthiman India

Cultivator 880M AMC Korea

Boom Sprayer- RAKSHAK Shakthiman India

Hay rake Shakthiman India