Carpet Care

Cleaning of carpets and upholstery needs specialized cleaning equipment’s for dry vacuuming and for wet cleaning with shampoo. Dry vacuum help removal of dry dust whereas carpet shampoo machines help removal of dirt. SANTOEMMA walk behind to ride on machines will ensure that any size of carpets is taken care off.

Carpet care Gotcha spot remover Minuteman USA

Carpet care MPV 31 wide area vacuum Minuteman USA

Carpet care upright Vacuum Cleaner 16 inch Tecnica Italy

Carpet Care Sabrina foam Santoemma Italy

Carpet Care Charis Santoemma Italy

Carpet Care Elite-Silent Santoemma Italy

Carpet Care Nikita Step on Santoemma Italy

Carpet Care Steam Box Mini Tecnovap Italy

Carpet Care EVO 304 24 – 7 Tecnovap Italy