Kitchen Cleaning

Kitchen is different from Housekeeping as Kitchen demands professional cleaning chemicals but without die and perfume. Arpal UK and Falcon UAE have different types of cleaning chemicals for different purposes in Kitchen segment. Each chemical is tested for quality and are supported with technical data sheets. They are in line with HACCP standards.

Disinfectant Excel ETU Arpal Gulf UAE

Non bactericidal Pot wash detergent Adette super Arpal gulf UAE

Bactericidal degreaser Deep clean Arpal gulf UAE

Stainless steel polish Magic shine-on Arpal gulf UAE

Oven cleaner Magic Arpal gulf UAE

Cholinerated salad wash tablets Santabs Arpal gulf UAE

Traywash detergent Adamatic TW Arpal gulf UAE

Dish wash powder Adamatic Arpal gulf UAE

Dishwash additive Rinsal Arpal gulf UAE

Descaler hard surface and machine Arpal gulf UAE

Dish wash detergent Admatic -soft water Arpal gulf UAE

Dish wash detergent Admatic- hard water Arpal gulf UAE

Destaining and tanning remover Adamatic Arpal gulf UAE

Sanitiser Deep clean Arpal gulf UAE

Dishwash detergent Master MDWD Falcon UAE

Hard Surface Cleaner Alkadet Falcon UAE

Neutral Detergent All clean Falcon UAE

Dish wash liquid Sona Falcon UAE

Descaler Magic kettle Arpal Gulf

Oven cleaner Oven clean Falcon UAE

Liquid emusifier Brilliant Arpal Gulf UAE