Cleaning chemicals aid in efficient and quicker cleaning. Multipurpose cleaners, disinfectants, degreasers, cleaner disinfectants, cleaner disinfectant deodorizers, alkali boosters, bleach etc. are some of them. Our principals Arpal UK and Falcon UAE have different options from which our chemical experts can advise.


Surface cleaner Biotek citrus clean Arpal gulf UAE

Floor & hard surface cleaner Biotek wash &clean Arpal gulf UAE

Pool side cleaner Biotek tile clean Arpal gulf UAE

Hand wash Cent flash rinse alcohol based Arpal gulf UAE

Luxury hand soap cent Biocidal soap Arpal gulf UAE

Floor polish sapphire Emulsion Arpal gulf UAE

Urine neutralizer Magic Arpal gulf UAE

Non caustic fleet wash Thistle Arpal gulf UAE

Fabric extraction Carpet fresh shampoo Arpal gulf UAE

Carpet Dry foam shampoo Arpal gulf UAE

Fabric stain remover Spot and stain Arpal gulf UAE

Gum remover Magic gum gone Arpal gulf UAE

Screen fabric deodoriser Magic smoke Arpal gulf UAE

Spray and shine Magic Arpal gulf UAE

Mould and mildew remover Magic dispel Arpal gulf UAE

Toilet descaler Magic Protech Arpal gulf UAE

Stainless steel polish Magic shine-on Arpal gulf UAE

Pack glass and stainless steel cleaner Maggic dazzle trigger Arpal gulf UAE

Hard surface cleaner and deodorizer Magic dash Arpal gulf UAE

Floor maintainer and surface cleaner Sonic Arpal gulf UAE

Floor cleaner Gloss N Buff Arpal gulf UAE

Descaler Machine descaler Arpal gulf UAE

Automatic dish wash detergent Adamatic Arpal gulf UAE

Hand cleaner Griz Go Falcon UAE

Air freshener Air fresh Falcon UAE

Acid Cleaner M Kleen Falcon UAE

Degreaser Greasolve solvent Falcon UAE

Degreaser Falcon HDC - Alkaline Falcon UAE

Glass cleaner Sparkal Falcon UAE

Toilet cleaner Flushkleen Falcon UAE

Hand sanitizer Nufresh Falcon UAE

Antibacterial Handsoap Ensure Falcon UAE

Hand soap liquid Falcon UAE

Carpet cleaner Zenda NF Falcon UAE

Carpet cleaner Zenda HF Falcon UAE

Floor strip Polish stripper Falcon UAE

Floor cleaner V shine plus 24% Falcon UAE

Floor cleaner V shine plus Falcon UAE

Disinfectant KB Antiseptic Falcon UAE

KB Bleach liquid Falcon UAE

Disinfectant Pine O Falcon UAE

Disinfectant Sanitol plus Falcon UAE

Disinfectant Sanitol Falcon UAE

Multiclean Falcon UAE

Floor polish Quick strip emulsion speed stripper Arpal gulf UAE


Disinfectant Excel ETU Arpal Gulf UAE

Non bactericidal Pot wash detergent Adette super Arpal gulf UAE

Bactericidal degreaser Deep clean Arpal gulf UAE

Stainless steel polish Magic shine-on Arpal gulf UAE

Oven cleaner Magic Arpal gulf UAE

Cholinerated salad wash tablets Santabs Arpal gulf UAE

Traywash detergent Adamatic TW Arpal gulf UAE

Dish wash powder Adamatic Arpal gulf UAE

Dishwash additive Rinsal Arpal gulf UAE

Descaler hard surface and machine Arpal gulf UAE

Dish wash detergent Admatic -soft water Arpal gulf UAE

Dish wash detergent Admatic- hard water Arpal gulf UAE

Destaining and tanning remover Adamatic Arpal gulf UAE

Sanitiser Deep clean Arpal gulf UAE

Dishwash detergent Master MDWD Falcon UAE

Hard Surface Cleaner Alkadet Falcon UAE

Neutral Detergent All clean Falcon UAE

Dish wash liquid Sona Falcon UAE

Descaler Magic kettle Arpal Gulf

Oven cleaner Oven clean Falcon UAE

Liquid emusifier Brilliant Arpal Gulf UAE


Automative Cleaner Shield Excel Plus Falcon UAE

Carwash shampoo Shield High gross Falcon UAE

Shield HighGloss Car Shampoo Falcon UAE

Shield Autowash Car shampoo Falcon UAE

Shield Shinex Tyre Polish Falcon UAE

Shield Shinex Dash Board polish Falcon UAE


Bleach powder chlorine Brilliant Arpal Gulf UAE

Liquid sour Brilliant Arpal Gulf UAE

Destainer Brilliant stainbuster powder Arpal Gulf UAE

Detergent Brilliant liquid Prodet plus Arpal Gulf UAE

Destainer disinfectant Brilliant liquid Arpal Gulf UAE

Laundry Fabrisoftner Falcon UAE

Laundry Brilliant Biodet colour Arpal Gulf UAE

Liquid bleach Brilliant Arpal Gulf UAE

Laundry wash Brilliant fabfresh Arpal Gulf UAE


Industrial Conveyer lubricant SF for LPG Falcon UAE

Industrial Conveyer lubricant SF for LPG Falcon UAE

Conveyer lubricant Industrial Lubricon 100 Falcon UAE