Laundry is different from Housekeeping or Kitchen as it demands a thorough understanding of chemistry and textile behaviors. Arpal UK and Falcon UAE are thorough professional in this segment as they have developed chemicals to clean different fabrics with ease without harming them. Each chemical is tested for quality and are supported with technical data sheets.

Bleach powder chlorine Brilliant Arpal Gulf UAE

Liquid sour Brilliant Arpal Gulf UAE

Destainer Brilliant stainbuster powder Arpal Gulf UAE

Detergent Brilliant liquid Prodet plus Arpal Gulf UAE

Destainer disinfectant Brilliant liquid Arpal Gulf UAE

Laundry Fabrisoftner Falcon UAE

Laundry Brilliant Biodet colour Arpal Gulf UAE

Liquid bleach Brilliant Arpal Gulf UAE

Laundry wash Brilliant fabfresh Arpal Gulf UAE